Sanguine Personality – Blue Dolphin

The sanguine personality is by far the a lot of affable and approachable of the four personality types.

Florence Littauer bankrupt down the four personality types in detail in her book, Personality Plus. After you apprehend this commodity you will apperceive if you are a sanguine personality, how to admit them, and the a lot of able way to acquaint with them.

The sanguine personality blazon can be summed up in one word…FUN!!! That is why we use the Blue Dolphin as a representation. Accept anytime noticed that dolphins attending like they accept abiding smiles on their faces?

The sanguine personality moves and talks at a faster pace. They are the atomic blind of their environment, but it doesn’t matter, because they could affliction beneath about what added humans anticipate about them.

They in actuality adulation the attention. As a amount of actuality they are absolutely generally the centermost of attention, or the activity of the party.

Common Strengths

· Outgoing

· Entertaining

· Abundant Motivators

· Can acrylic a big picture

· Fun

· Abundant with kids

· Actual accessible and loves to host guest

· Enthusiastic

· Energetic

· Spontaneous

Common Weakness

· Whimsical

· Forgetful

· Ignores or is absolutely absent to important details

· Scatter-brained

· Avoids adverse their problems

· Habitually takes on added than they can handle

· They don’t complete tasks

· Badly talkative, loquacious

· Messy

· Unorganized

The Good, The Bad, & The Ugly

If you are down in the doldrums, there is annihilation like a Blue Dolphin to acclamation you up. Their activity and activity is contagious. The sanguine personality will acrylic a account of the approaching so active and admirable that you will be motivated to yield activity immediately! Just don’t apprehend them to chase through with anything. The Blue Dolphin will apparently overlook about the chat in a few canicule anyway.

Sanguine personality types are abundant storytellers. They will even acquaint a collapsed out lie. They will accept you so absorption in their adventure that you will alpha to accept even the a lot of antic details.

It has to be accurate right? The adventure was told with such affection and active data that it couldn’t be a lie.


When accomplishing business with a Blue Dolphin, be upbeat and excited. Discuss the fun stuff, and lay out the big picture. If you try to explain too abounding arid details, you run the accident of accident the absorption of the sanguine personality to something added interesting…like a butterfly.

How to Admit

The Blue Dolphin will be simple to atom in a crowd. They may abrasion loud and flashy, absorption avaricious clothes and colors. They aswell tend to move and allocution at a faster pace. They may even allocution excessively.

If everybody had a sanguine personality, this would be a actual fun and agitative world, but annihilation would get done. Fortunately, the majority of humans accept a alloy of the four personality types.

Understanding humans application the four personality types will advance to added acknowledged relationships in both your business, and claimed life.

Much Success,